Sweet ’16

Originally from Chris Blattman’s blog

Retooling, rebooting, relaunching in 2016…

I have been writing things on the internet for a while and this is the latest version of my online efforts. It started in 2002 with ekon-oom.com with links to class notes and research resources long before it became fashionable in South Africa. By 2007 maintaining a web page had become too much work and I spent a few years doing other things. By 2011 blogs were everywhere and I jumped back in with a Blogger site until 2014. In 2015 I put it in hibernation to focus on the School of Economics’ blog and another one with Economic resources aimed at high school students. Even with those two platforms I realised that I still need a personal blog to share ideas and resources.

So now I am back, with everything consolidated in WordPress. I have pulled in some of the old posts from the Blogger site and hope they have stood the test of time. For 2016 I have some firm plans to blog and tweet about Economics teaching and research in South Africa!


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