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Professors as employees?

Yesterday Frances Woolley made an interesting post on the Worthwhile Canadian Initiative blog.

Prof employees

He quotes Akerlof and Kranton’s idea that a person who identifies with her employer – an insider – will think “she should work on behalf of the firm. Her ideal is to exert high effort.” He goes on to explain that there is often a misalignment between professorial effort and university priorities. Professors can at best be relied on to strive to be good professors, but we “are motivated by our disciplinary and professional identities, not our identities as university employees”.

This is something that managers frequently forget and they should read the whole post.

During these days of transformation, budget cuts and decolonialisation of the curriculum managers often talk about what “we” will do. We will improve the university’s standing in some or other rankings, we will pursue external consulting jobs to earn third stream income for the university, we will expand into Africa, or launch a MOOC.

It is going to take more than a few big ideas to get the Professors involved.


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