Big data analytics

It is that dangerous time of the year when I am already done with 2016 (in my head) and start to think about things to do in 2017 with all the idealism of new year’s resolutions. Can an old dog economist still learn new big data analytics tricks?

So this is a note to self: Coursera has a course in R and Code School also has one that looks cool.

And then, a shout out to colleagues and their student featuring on the Development Impact blog: Martin Abel’s job market paper “The Value of Reference Letters”, is coauthored with Rulof Burger (SU) and Patrizio Piraino (UCT).


Random posts ahead!

After an academic year of teaching and also giving urgent feedback on templates it feels like I am finally surfacing after a deep dive, the sun is shining and I have ideas for blog posts again.

First, a recent video with a few thoughts of education and technology.

The point is that education technology can be very useful. However, we should not make voice-over-powerpoint video’s to replace the lecturer, but rather to amplify him/her. Being the lecturer is about much more than talking through the course content.

In this TED talk Ken Robinson makes the point much more eloquently.