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A few good links

The last week or two have been admin-intensive, but I stumbled across a few interesting bits along the way and want to share the links:

  • I attended a UNU-WIDER and National Treasury conference in Pretoria and enjoyed it a lot. The theme was “Growth and development policy – new data, new approaches and new evidence”. All that was from the different projects that have been using SARS administrative data for a firm-level look at employment, productivity, exporters etc. It was really interesting.
  • My old Warwick classmate Nick Powdthavee launched a new book on happiness research at the LSE and shared links on Facebook and Twitter. Here is a Vox.EU post on “The origins of happiness”: mental and physical health, and having a partner explains life satisfaction and then income matters…
  • And I caught a Chronicle post on “The personal lecture” with interesting ideas on big undergraduate groups, and on MOOCs.

Check it out.


Sweet ’16

Originally from Chris Blattman’s blog

Retooling, rebooting, relaunching in 2016…

I have been writing things on the internet for a while and this is the latest version of my online efforts. It started in 2002 with with links to class notes and research resources long before it became fashionable in South Africa. By 2007 maintaining a web page had become too much work and I spent a few years doing other things. By 2011 blogs were everywhere and I jumped back in with a Blogger site until 2014. In 2015 I put it in hibernation to focus on the School of Economics’ blog and another one with Economic resources aimed at high school students. Even with those two platforms I realised that I still need a personal blog to share ideas and resources.

So now I am back, with everything consolidated in WordPress. I have pulled in some of the old posts from the Blogger site and hope they have stood the test of time. For 2016 I have some firm plans to blog and tweet about Economics teaching and research in South Africa!